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1973 MB 115 230.4 MSnS toothed wheel

Posted: Sun Jul 12, 2009 4:03 am
by toshioz
I recently completed my installation and will post my progress, some trials and tribulations once I compile the data.

1973 Mercedes W115 230.4 4 cyl 2.3. carby
converted to.......
MS 1 V3.0, relay board, bosch fuel pump, denso 200cc top feed injectors, inlet manifold from 616deisel motor. 84mm throttle body from 280 M110 motor, Subaru wrx coilpack, home made 36tooth wheel, ford VR sensor. fan control.

It runs so smooth and has 20% fuel consumption improvement.

Re: 1973 MB 115 230.4 MSnS toothed wheel

Posted: Thu Aug 27, 2009 6:55 am
by Mike D
Keep me up to date on the ignition conversion. That's the next step I need to take on my conversion.

I'm running a M115 in a '72 250C. GM TBI from a 2.5L mounted to the single side mount Stromberg intake manifold. MS 3.0 motherboard, relay board with an Ford '86 Econoline style pusher pump mounted back at the fuel tank. I used all GM style sensors (CLT, IAT) and the existing IAC on the TBI unit. I did have to fab up a new air cleaner system but it came out pretty good. I mounted the narrow band O2 sensor in the upper header pipe. I used just one O2 sensor since the 2.5 TBI is a single injector. It's about 6 inches downstream of the exhaust manifold so there was no need for a heated type. I'm debating using a wide band but with the early style GM TBI I don't know if I would gain anything.

I'm using the Crane XR optical system and it leaves a bit to be desired. I'm looking to go COP or wasted spark for the ignition.

I'm running it using the "Auto-tune" function and it seems to be doing quite well. Mileage is in the upper teens in town and low 20's on the road. Not too bad for the 4 cylinder trying to push a 3000+ lb coupe. The difference is in the performance. It doesn't have the "snap" to the throttle it had with the twin Solex'es but it has more smooth available power than the peaky performance the carbs had. It runs the beast to freeway speeds with no problem.

Re: 1973 MB 115 230.4 MSnS toothed wheel

Posted: Wed Jan 05, 2011 11:23 pm
by bfrymire
HUm... I am just starting on doing this kind of conversion. Where did you get the intake manifold to use? It's from a 240D?

Hope you can help.

-- brett