'90 Caravan - 2L DOHC Turbo

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'90 Caravan - 2L DOHC Turbo

Post by UnaClocker » Sun Aug 02, 2009 8:12 pm

MegaSquirt has allowed me to put a much newer and more efficient motor into my work van. This van started out life as a '90 Plymouth Voyager with a 2.5L turbo 8valve motor in it. I got 250k miles out of that old motor before a lack of oil pressure prompted me to change out that tired old motor sooner than later.
I sourced a block from a low mileage '97 Dodge Neon, and the optional DOHC head for that block. I also picked up the turbo from an SRT4 Neon and the intake manifold from a 2.4L Caravan. Combined those parts with the 5 speed that was already in the van and I end up with a 2.0L DOHC Turbo van. I'm running it on an MS2 CPU, running the very latest version of MS2-Extra, the 3.0 codebase which has sequential injection support. The MS is reading the stock Neon crank trigger wheel as well as it's cam magnet which lets it run the injectors sequentially. I'm also using the awesome Peak & Hold board designed by Jean B. who also was the person who added the sequential injection routines to the MS2-Extra codebase. It's working GREAT, starts and idles like a dream. Oh, and I'm also using the closed loop stepper idle control.
I think this is the 6th car I've MegaSquirted now. :)

You can find more details in the project log, http://www.neonsquirt.com/workvan
'88 Dodge Omni 2.4L Megasquirted

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