Paul Shurvell, 1974 VW Kombi (bus)

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Paul Shurvell 1974 VW Kombi (bus)

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Name: Paul Shurvell

Vehicle: 1974 VW Kombi (bus) with camper conversion in the works

Engine: Stock VW 2L Air cooled 4 cyl boxer

Injection: MPI using VW intake runners, plenum and injectors, Bosch external fuel pump and 35psi universal fuel pressure regulator.

Throttle body: Porsche 912e TB with Spectrol tps from Farnell

Air Filter: '88 Toyota Camry along with various plumbing from both TBI & MPI Camry's

Sensors: VW head temp sensor, Holden Camira IAT sensor (open cage type) Tech Edge WBO2 with NTK sensor.

Ignition: Stock Kettering points distributor with Jaycar HEI. MS is running off the Tach output of the HEI

Description: This engine was previously running duel Solex carbs and was an absolute nightmare to drive. The conversion to MS has been fairly straight forward apart from a few minor hassles such as how to get a 3/8 fuel line out of a tank that previously had a 1/4 one and where to run the return to (ask me if you need help with this), How to make the throttle cable set up for twin carbs work with Injection (still working on this but getting closer), as well as being thrown off in my initial tuning by a faulty fuel pressure regulator which was cycling fuel pressure between 30 and 100 psi (my plumbing got a good work out and passed the test!) This caused my idle mixture to go from lean to pig rich and then back again and stall regularly. Tuning is still in progress, hampered partially by the fact I cannot get full throttle due to throttle cable issues (soon to be resolved). I have found however that even with a very rough map, setting the EGO limit to 100% provides a very drivable result! Seat of the pants dyno tells me acceleration and power is already much better and should improve as I get the VE table closer. Superior by far to worn out lean jetted solexes ;) I will post my MSQ file as soon as it is a little closer.

Future works: Hopefully the long term should see a Toyota Crown supercharger fitted, possibly along with water injection to keep things cool as there is just no room for an intercooler in the engine bay. What I am looking for is low to moderate boost for improved torque and power. The kombi is only going to get heavier as the camper fit out progresses so I am hoping that the SC will give me that bit more oomph to help deal with hills and head winds etc without sacrificing drivability and reliability and not having to worry about the massive headache that plumbing in a turbo would be. I also intend to upgrade the ignition system, possibly with a Crane optical pickup, although ideally I would like a distributorless system.
Perhaps this will be possible with UMS.
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Re: Paul Shurvell, 1974 VW Kombi (bus)

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Hi Paul

I have a '74 californian T2 westy 1800. It has the Bosch L-Jetronic ECU but the engine is not running great (sometimes not at all) It is very rich but having tested the fuel pump and regulator which seem ok I'm guessing its either the injectors (not too likely) or the ECU. I like the idea of converting to a MS system with the addition of a lambda sensor(I have the port on the J tube but no sensor). Any ideas/ advice would be great. I'm not looking to create a beast just a nice easy economical drive with a little more power. Thanks, Dave.
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