'85 Golf VR6

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'85 Golf VR6

Post by JRaptor2000 »

Got my '85 Golf VR6 wired up and fired up yesterday.

Running MS1 V3, HR10g
Distributor motor
Short runner intake manifold
Stock fueling

Started up first try with Paul_VR6's "Timrunning5.msq".

Anyone know how to get the AEM UEGO to read correctly with tunerstudio? Would really like to be able to use the AFR target table...
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Re: '85 Golf VR6

Post by einsereier »

0-5v analog output Gasoline values from 10 to 20:1 AFR
found this info on the aem uegocontroller.
i guess you can use the lc1 wideband setting.
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Re: '85 Golf VR6

Post by king »

can you show me how you connected the cables to the coilpack ? , i have spark A,B,C from MS, my guess is that they should be connected to the three center pins at the coilpack but i dont know witch one ?
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Re: '85 Golf VR6

Post by Paul_VR6 »

The coilpack trigger wires go in the same order as the wire locations pairs on the towers. 1/6=a, 2/5=b, 3/4=c
1995 GTI VR6 12.833@105
2.8l 12v on MS1-3.57/HR10G - retired
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