My Syncro Scirocco 16V turbo

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My Syncro Scirocco 16V turbo

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First off, big props to the BigMacD for teaching me the ways of megasquirt.

This Is my scirocco Project that started out a few years ago...Digi 1 was a pain so I pulled the trigger and aquired a Megasquirt 1. v2.2 with the latest extra code on it. Spitfire got me my first map and since then Ive been happy


1987 Scirocco 16v

2.0l 9A bored over 0.020
Wiseco 9:1 pistons
9A cylinder head with an aggresive street port and polish
Autotech 260 cams
Custom underdrive alt and crank pulley serp setup
42mm lower, 40mm upper inlet manifold with siemens 850cc injectors and a bbm rail and 2.25" charge piping with air to air aftercooler
Garrett t3/t4 50 trim turbocharger with 2.5" Downpipe and exhaust
walbro 255 and bosch CIS-e pump
Fidenza 6lb flywheel F1 racing stage 3 clutch
02C VW transmission with modified passat syncro drivetrain

AWD was the best thing I did to this car...MK1's with awd are very exciting...hope you all enjoy..feel free to ask any questions


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Re: My Syncro Scirocco 16V turbo

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Awesome build.
I have a MK1 Rabbit pickup boosted.
4WD would really help this little truck go.
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