MK1 GTI - Stock ABA on MS1

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MK1 GTI - Stock ABA on MS1

Post by jeighty7 »

Well, almost stock...

1984 VW Rabbit GTI
MSnS-E 029y4, using Patatron/midnightGLI mods for spark
MS1 on a v2.2 board
1993(?) 2.0L ABA, put in with ~100k
MK3 exhaust manifold
Stock injectors, stock intake
Using a Bosch Auxiliary Air Valve for coldstart and idle-valve in conjunction with OBD1 TB throttle stop
TT Tall Block Downpipe
TT 2.25" Exhaust, no cat
9A O2O transmission
Innovative LC-1 Wideband

Dyno was done in 4th gear. Running lean, so will retune by lowering AFR's up top, and pulling a couple degrees of timing. Originally had the rev limiter at 5500rpm, moved it up to 6500rpm and did 3-4 pulls of tuning up there before heading to the dyno. Obviously it isn't as smooth as the rest of the map. I tuned primarily for economy, rarely going over 4500rpm. Getting about 26-27mpg in town, and barely touching 34mpg on the highway (~75mph, ~3700rpm). If the car was more aerodynamic I could do better.


AFR targets, Fuel and Spark maps:

Also posting my msq as well. Not going to do a whole lot more tuning on this setup, as I will be doing a winter overhaul including an AWW (20v) head swap with a k03s turbo, and upgrading to MS3-3X.
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Re: MK1 GTI - Stock ABA on MS1

Post by VWildVR6er »

This is perfect for what I am looking for. I want to go MS on my ABA and I was hoping to find a base tune. This should work well. However, I am brand new to this site and to MS so I have a lot to learn before I jump into tuning.
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