'85 extra-cab 4X4 SR5, 7MGE-T

Toyota, Lexus.
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'85 extra-cab 4X4 SR5, 7MGE-T

Post by toddm » Fri Jul 20, 2007 9:31 am

Name: Todd McClendon

Vehicle: 1985 Toyota Extra-cab, Pre-Taco, 4X4. Custom Winch bumper with Milemarker hydraulic winch.

Engine: 1989 7MGE, 7MGTE turbo setup, custom oil drain and feed line, 7MGTE pistons, ARP headbolts, 7MGTE injectors, Custom 2.5" full exhaust, Custom water to air intercooler. Stock boost for now- 230RWHP on Dynojet 248.

Injection: MSII, V3, beta2.871t3 (Runs SO much smoother!) Originally ran the stock distributor with 2 teeth cut off (12-1 wheel decoder) with the direct coil control running the stock 7MGE coil. after alot of frustration with random misses, I switched my whole iginition scheme.

Now running a VAST Ignitor out of a 4AGE powered Corolla, only 6 teeth on the distributor, stock 7MGE coil. no misfires anymore!

UPDATE: after driving for a few days it developed another misfire but only when hot. After alot more trouble shooting with no success I discovered a section of the MS manual that i hadn't seen before, which suggested putting a 1K resistor inline between the MS and the vast ignitor in the IGt signal. http://www.megamanual.com/ms2/vast.htm

This completely cured the problem. Apparently the MS will pull the voltage down on the ignitor so it cant understand the signal from the MS. The resistor keeps the voltage up and no more problems.

I have about 1k miles on the MS2 now. Its nice having a Toyota pick up that is actually fast!

Thanks to all who developed the MS and all who helped me get it working!

'85 Toyota 4x4 7MGE-T'd/MS'd truck,'02 JCW MINI CooperS, '91 MR2-T,'78 FJ40, '06 KTM250XC.

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