83 civic 1.8L turbo

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83 civic 1.8L turbo

Post by shnitzel » Wed Jan 10, 2007 1:09 pm

it runs, it runs!!!!

-MSv2 with v3 board running fuel and spark
-LC-1 wideband
-EK1 block bored out / stroker crank and rods with EL1 head totaling 1.8L
-T-3 turbo
-custom intake / exhaust manifolds
-2" mandrel exhaust
-Acura Vigor throttle body
-450cc multiport injectors
-Renault Fuego intercooler
-Ford truck EFI fuel system
-rotating assembly balanced
-filed oiling chamfers for rod bearings
-dished 8:1 pistons polished
-ported / gasket matched head with polished exhaust runners
-12lb flywheel and 400HP kevlar clutch / pressure plate
-Custom Cam grind for turbo

tuned it NA with the narrowband to get it started.... then just got the wideband working a few days back and hit it with 5psi boost last night.... tooons of tuning to do but it sure hauls!

having problems with my wideband working intermitantly, might be my bad charging system.

i'll post again when i get a good 5psi tune out of it.... then off i go in quest for 20psi!!!! kaboom! ha ha ha, hopefully not.

some pics and a brief write up can be seen here:

http://www.nuac.ca/Other_Junk/Hot_Rods/ ... turbo.html


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