civic obd2

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civic obd2

Post by L33_SRD » Sat Aug 30, 2008 2:40 am

hi i have a 99 civic obd2 ecu its a b16 turbo i know nothing about MS but here alot ofgood thigs aout it just woundering if some1 couldpoint me in the right direction on what to buy and any help on wiring it in ?

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Re: civic obd2

Post by Rhdhybrid » Tue Oct 14, 2008 12:39 pm

Hello, I have went thru a bit getting my b20 up and running. First thing is you are going to need a ms2 ecu, I personally bought mine from DIYautotune. Matt can help you, he is also a moderator on here. Second you are going to need to run the ms2 extra code for Vtec control. Matt can also help you with the proper mods and addition components. Thirdly you are going to need a spark map. The easiest way is to download uberdata and manually convert the map over to a vex file. I can direct you to the right place for the math. Lastly GET a LC-1 or equivalent Wide band, it is a necessity not a option.

Here is alist of what I have:
MS2 => Ms2 extra 2.0.1 code
Setup for VR sensor, basic trigger, 59.5 offset
Standard coil charge with stock dizzy, accel super coil
235cc injectors, soon to be 450cc
Innovate LC-1
Tuner Studio MS Beta
Soon ordering the parts for Vtec Control and Launch control.

I'm currently using the new Tuner Studio for software and I must say I'm very happy. I have a vtec head and a supercharger on the bench for my B20 so I'll be soon making new fuel and spark maps for my engine, so I can help you get it running, but YOU have to read the megamanual to, it is alot of info(personally went to staples and Had it made into a book) and I have been learning for about a year now, but I'm very happy with my ecu and the way my car runs. It is by far the best bang for your buck.

Also download and register MegaLogViewer, the Ve Analizer is a great tool!!!

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