1991 Honda B16a1

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1991 Honda B16a1

Post by rug » Sun Nov 30, 2008 12:37 am

I am building a 1973 Austin Mini with a honda B16A1 engine.

Last night I got it running on Megasquirt!

V3 MS-II running msextra code. I have VTEC set up to activate when coolant is over 80 degrees C, and above some RPM which I can't remember. I have hardware fuel and spark map switch when VTEC kicks in. Spark is provided by a ford coil from an escort. There is a 36-1 triggerwheel being read by a ford VR sensor. I converted the fuel and spark maps from BRE and yesterday after sorting a few stupid problems (like not having the fuelpump running...) it started right up!! Second try it was (first, I had counted the teeth on the triggerwheel in the wrong direction...). I was amazed how well it idled and how smooth it reved! It started like any factory car with all the megasquirt standard startup and warmup settings, and it idled just fine. This after the engine had been sitting in my garage for almost 3 years!

VTEC has not been tried yet since the car isn't drivable yet...

Now I'm off to the garage to finnish off my cooling system so I can get the engine up to runnning temperature :)


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