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Turbo F22 1990 Accord

Posted: Tue Jun 16, 2009 6:17 pm
by Turbof22
1990 Honda Accord LX
F22a1 block, f22a6 head with pnp job, h22a intake plenum and tb
Action 2ms clutch and bisimoto 8.9lb flywheel
Pics to come soon.
It Runs and is being tuned now.
Turbo f22 with Ms2 V3 Running parallel with the stock ecu controling some of the boring stuff.
Ground one tooth off the 24 tooth cam wheel and used that as the vr imput to MS
Tied injectors one and 3 together and 2 and 4 together to create a semi sequential for now!
dsm 450 cc blue top injectors
Evo 3 16g tdo5 turbo
boost will be to 18 psi in near future
Closed loop boost control installed but just needs connecting after lower boost tables are tuned.