'86 CRX Production racer

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'86 CRX Production racer

Post by griff » Tue May 04, 2004 6:35 pm

My car is essentially a 1986 CRX Si G Production (SCCA) race car.

Relatively stock motor, port matched heads, 10:1 compression, reground cam. All limited by the rules.
Currently running stock ignition.
I'm running injectors from a '89 Acura Legend, I believe around 21-23 lb/hr.

I got the car running on MS in February after having the kit for over a year. Wish I hadn't waited now. Did a few runs through first and second gear to check things a little before getting to a dyno. Picked up five more horsepower by the time we were done and had a pretty decent map. Wasn't worried about much below 3-4000 rpm as it doesn't spend much time there. Still, it idles better than it did with the stock CPU.

At the first race with MS two days after the dyno runs I had the same speed on the straight as my friends 13:1 Scirroco. Unfortunately, I lost a rod about halfway through and will have to wait for my first MS win. A new motor is coming along nicely.

I also tried to fry the whole thing before I ever got going. It just shut off on my first lap out and as I was coming to a stop I could see, AND SMELL, the smoke. I didn't want to admit it but in the back of my mind I just knew that I had forgotten to go back and mount a driver, I think it was tip42, down to the board. Sure enough, that's what it was. It also burned a section of the land off of the board. I found the part at Radio Shack (their last one) and got it repaired and back in just in time to make my last qualifying session.

I'd call that a success 8) . Now I need to build a spare in case I try to fry it again :roll: .

Jay Griffin

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