Suzuki GSR600 Formula Student Car

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Suzuki GSR600 Formula Student Car

Post by FSG_PB_Patrick » Sun Aug 31, 2008 2:38 am

Formula Student Car Year 2008
University of Paderborn, Germany
Project Duration: December 2007 - June 2008
by Patrick Menschel

Base: Suzuki GSR600 Engine, inline 4cyl
-14:1 Compression
-GSX-R1000 starter motor
-E85 fuel
-GSX-R1000 280cc injectors
-19mm Air Restrictor
-Carbon Airbox
-short 4 in 2 exhaust with Rotax based mufflers (108dBA)

Power@Wheels: 48,2kW dynamic measurement, 55kW static measurement, original cams, Redline@12000rpm, Air Restrictor cuts power band at 11400RPM but original Cams have their maximum VE at 14000, so it's a defective engine, customized cams are planned.

Code: MS1 Squirt&Spark Extra 29y4 controling both fuel and spark
-Dual Table usage since inner cylinder run lean on WOT
-Speed Density with RPM based AEN

-Fuel and Spark Tables optimized on a steady state dyno
-Overun Fuel Cut
-Fuel Usage: 9,4L/h@WOT, 3,4L/22km Endurance Distance(calculated)

Features: Launch Control, Traction Control (not applicable with 8" Rear Tires)

-FS Silverstone 2008 OUT(mechanical issues) Place 65 of 72
-FSG Hockenheim 2008 OUT(loose connector of coil driver board) Place 47 of 78
-Dutch Open 2008 (no problems) Place 5 of 19

Official Pictures: Upgrades:
  • Shift-Up with Flat Shift Option and Air Shifter. Proof of concept for the next car. Menschel)
  • Megasquirt issues the shift-up command towards the air solenoid with a NE555 timer chip for optimal performance.
  • Traction control now uses wheel rpm instead of engine anti-rev
Last Update 23.01.09

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