Yamaha 130FI snowmobile engine

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Yamaha 130FI snowmobile engine

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Hi, All.

Brand new here. I am hoping to use the Microsquirt on a Yamaha 130FI 3 cylinder snowmobile engine. The engine includes the OEM throttle bodies (three cylinders) and the electronic ingnitions system with coil over plug. I have been told it is a TCI system.

I was hoping there is someone here that is familiar with the engine. I need to know several bits of information about the engine before I know that the Microsquirt will work.

I have been looking all over for this info, but no luck. The repair manual doesn't answer any of the following:

What sort of sensor(s) does it use to trigger the ignition? Variable reluctor (magnetic pickup)? Optical? Hall effect?
Are the sensors triggered by trigger wheels on the crankshaft / flywheel, distributor / cam, or both?

How many teeth / windows / slots and are on the crank or distributor trigger wheel? How are they arranged? (Equally spaced, missing teeth gaps, etc)

Does this engine have a fast idle valve (IAC)? If so, how many wires are connected to it? Do you know if it is an on/off, pulse width modulated, thermal, or stepper type?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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