454 daily driver

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454 daily driver

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1988 C1500 454.jpg
This is a story of firsts: first EFI, first Mega Squirt, first PCB soldering, first 454. I spent a lot of time with the Mega Manual, searching the forums, asking for advice and getting a lot of responses. For all who responded to my questions, thank you, thank you, thank you!

MSII, 3.0 board, 2.905
Spartan Lambda WB

1988 Chevrolet C1500, 80K miles, 700R4, 3.06:1 open diff (I’ll be putting in a PowerTrax Lock Right soon).

- 1990 454 +.030
- Peanut port heads
- 9.0:1 CR
- Edelbrock TBI manifold
- 454 TBI
- Compcams 260H - going for low end torque, it's my daily driver
- 8 pin HEI
- 1.75" long tube headers
- 2.5" true dual exhaust
Ready for a new engine.jpg
Nice fit.jpg
The transformation from 4.3 V6 to 454 began a year ago. My daily driver lost 3rd and reverse so, I was highly motivated to get my Mega Squirt project on the road. Some final tuning was completed and its maiden voyage as a daily driver was on 1/22/14. I live in Minnesota and the temp was around 0…started right up and performed flawlessly. Since then our temps have been anywhere from +30 to -20 and it starts and runs without a hitch.

It has been a learning journey and it has equipped me for the next Mega Squirt project – a Buick 455 +.030 with MPFI in a ’97 Chevrolet C1500 short bed. Click or cut and paste the link below for a video of the engine running on a Q-Jet.
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Re: 454 daily driver

Post by Canwell »

Nice, and only 80k miles this will last for a long time to come.
This D Bal Max blog is so informative.
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Re: 454 daily driver

Post by overdrive39 »

I like what you did with the truck. Could I get a copy of the MSQ file for my 502. It would be a good starting point for it. I understand that I will have to go through it a tweek it for my application :RTFM: but it will get me closer than anything I have at this time.

Thank you ahead of time.
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Re: 454 daily driver

Post by Rickerton »

Color me impressed, Buick. You did a great job, especially if this was the first time you were doing something like that. That engine running on Q-jet video is awesome too. How's that project going?
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