Honda CBR600 1999

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Honda CBR600 1999

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I have a Honda CBR 600 from 1999 that converted from carburetter to injection using Megasquirt spark-Extra (MSnS-extra 026h4).

Have made all the required modifications to adapt the engine, you can find detailed description on: (this site also contains pictures on the conversion of a 1973 Opel Manta engine to fuel injection)

Have started the project by 2006/08, around 2008/04 was driving the bike for fuel map adjustments. This project was implemented on my spare time during the weekends.
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Re: Honda CBR600 1999

Post by Griffeneye1 »

Hey man good to hear a big mod change. I'm trying to size up MS for a full ECM replacement on my 08 Accord engine. I wonder if you would let me know if it's possible to use a MS as the main ECM? It's gonna power my sand rail. So is bolted to my VW Transaxel. Thanks for your experience on if I can or can't make a new ECM or not.
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