Karl Anders Øygard, 1973 Citroen SM IE

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Karl Anders Øygard, 1973 Citroen SM IE

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Name: Karl Anders Øygard

Vehicle: 1973 Citroën SM IE

Engine: 2965cc V6 odd-fire (C114/5 Maserati Merak SS engine)

Injection: Port, 380cc low impedance stock injectors

Megasquirt: V3, with MS3, fully sequential

Description: I'm using the stock harness/injectors/sensors on this car, in order to keep it stock looking.

The stock setup does not have a manifold referenced fuel pressure regulator, so I replaced it with a VW vanagon FPR.There's no proper TPS either, so I went with a BMW e34 M20 automatic TPS. Bolts right on and works like a charm.

I've welded an O2 sensor bung into the exhaust pipe, and installed a Bosch LSU 7057 wideband lambda sensor and a Tech Edge 2E0 wideband unit. In order to use the original harness, I purchased a D-Jetronic ECU from a Volvo 262 on eBay. I gutted it, but kept the connector and injector resistors and soldered in a connector for the MS. D-Jet switches 12V over the injectors, while MS switches the ground. I solved this by fashioning a rewiring harness to go in between the engine and the stock harness.

The engine is odd fire, and uses two coils along with a fairly complex distributor. A 36-1 trigger wheel has been mounted to the auxiliary shaft (cam speed). The code is set up to trigger the two stock coils.

The car runs very well, the ignition control is a proper improvement over the stock setup (mechanical distributor with no vacuum advance). Running semi sequential as well. Engine is being run in, so not everything is completely dialed in yet, but will be in time.

Website: http://people.opera.com/~karlo/sm.html
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