Pat Carlier, 1989 Audi100

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Pat Carlier 1989 Audi100

Post by mitsuko »

Name: Patrick Carlier

Vehicle: 1989 Audi 100

Engine: 2.3 L 5cyl , code AAR

Injection: conversion from cis to efi .

Throttle body: stock with homemade tps mount

Sensors: Bosch CLT , stock location .
ND IAT , in the manifold
DIY-WB O2 sensor

Ignition: Stock

Engine runs on lpg all the time . This destroyed the cis , it's all clogged .
MS was the perfect sollution , as the car has to run once a year on gas
to pass emissions .

Junkyard bosch tps mounted on the stock TB
Dito iat and clt
Homemade aluminium injector inserts , using stock location
Homemade fuel rail from copper tube and machined bits and pieces .
214 cc/min hi imp injectors taken from some peugeot .
Cis still in control of ign timing , for now .
Homemade singlesided megasquirt .
Homemade megaview with lcd .

Started on the first crank !

Feels great .

Projects to come :
Get rid of the cis to control ign timing Probably emulate the load signal
SS fuelrail . The copper works , but doesn't look to great .
Alcohol as fuel instead of gasoline .
LPG injection if ever i can find dry gas injectors .
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Re: Pat Carlier, 1989 Audi100

Post by dgacampbell »

Hi there,
I know it has been a lot of years from this was posted lol
I was wondering if you could tell me how you got on?
i have an audi 90 with the 2.3 10v engine also, and i want to convert it to efi!
So any advice or information, on what exactly you did, and parts used, work done etc would really be a help!
If you can spare the time.
Many thanks
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Re: Pat Carlier, 1989 Audi100

Post by mitsuko »

I don't understand , all parts I used are mentioned in the topic .
What else can I say .

Car ran very good for several years as a Bi-fuel car .
Had over 250.000 km's .
Now it's long gone

One advice I can give you is to try and dump the NG ignition .
With the K-jet gone , the timing is off , and there's no real good way to get it right again .
Use a vacuum vacuum setup from a KV or similar engine .
Or use MS to drive control the ign timing and re map it .

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