'96 Probe 2.0

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se beast
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'96 Probe 2.0

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Ihave been squirting for about 2 years. I kept the PCM but am using extra code for fuel, spark, idle, fan, launch, and shift light. I modified the factory clutch switch to close the launch circut at higher pedal. The homemade shiftlight (4 bright LEDs in an anadized lipstick tube cap with a sandblasted plexiglass diffuser) also has a dimmer switch. There's a DC-DC laptop charger wired into the center console. Its a MS1-V3 my dad and I built from the kit. Future plans are for MS2, EGT, boost control, and flex fuel. The car responded very well to my tuning so far. I installed a rebuilt engine last year and it hasn't run on the stock PCM since.
'96 Ford Pdobe 4 cyl 2.0 atx
se beast
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Re: '96 Probe 2.0

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Turbo is installed and street-tuned up. I have 550cc hi ohm injectors and have an adjustable regulator. Boost control is also working great. I use open loop and have a dash mounted on/off switch. The gate brings it to 6lb on a hot day and 8 lb in winter. I have the controller set at about 16 psi. Still using MS1extra but with the hi res code. I haven’t been to the dyno but I'm going in a few months. Here's a mod list for ya.

MS1 V3 hi-res extra code controls:
Fuel batch fired
Coilpack wasted spark
Idle PWM solenoid
Fan, low solenoid
Two step launch/ flat shift
Shift light, home-made from LEDs
Boost control

Garrett GT28RS “disco potato”
Ball Bearing CHRA
Water cooled
internally gated w/6-7 lb spring
Compressor, Turbine
60mm , 54mm
.60 A/R , .86 A/R
62 trim , 76 trim

custom made 2.5” tig-welded aluminum intercooler pipes
silicone couplers, T bolt clamps, rolled tube ends
Apexi dual funnel air filter
Greddy Type R atmospheric BOV
Greddy tube/fin intercooler 23”X 11”X 2.75” Core with 2.5” openings

OBX Protege' 324 stainless turbo manifold with T25 flange welded on
2.5” custom welded downpipe made of (long as possible radius) 304 stainless elbows
1.5” divorced wastegate tube
Resonated test pipe, Magnaflow resonator, and Borla muffler
All 2.5” Mandrel bent welded 304 stainless elbows and stainless band clamps on mufflers.

550cc hi imp. stock looking Denso Venom injectors
Walbro 255 high pressure pump
Aeromotive 1:1 regulator
Original hoses replaced with SAEJ30R9
Banjo bolt replaced by A/N fittings
Premium and/or E-85 fuel (I simply adjust the required fuel amount based on my notes and watch AFRs)

16V DOHC hydraulic flat tappet lifters
Aluminum Head / Iron Block
8.6:1 C/R
Weisco pistons
Pauter chromoly rods
j-spec intake cam
.074” Cometic MLS head gasket
ARP head studs
mild head porting and multi-angle valve job
bored .020” over
Head decked
New bearings, seals, gaskets, oil pump, water pump, belts, alternator, painted block & oil pan, powdercoated valve cover
Fidanza 7.5lb aluminum flywheel
South bend stg. 2 Exedy Kevlar clutch
NGK Iridium IX heat range 8 Plugs gapped to .026”

Chassis and Suspension
Drop Zone springs
PRD Rear Strut Tower Bar
Mazda 626 rear swaybar w/Nissan Altima end links
11.6” front brake rotors and calipers from 2006 Mazda 6
Porterfield R4S carbon Kevlar pads
16X8” FD wheels from '94 RX7
Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec tires P225/50/VR16

Other Mods
Braille 17lb battery w/custom steel tray
Piaa Sporza wiper blades
Sony bluetooth MP3 CD radio
Pioneer 3 way 6x9” rear speakers
AEM wide-band UEGO gauge
Autometer Sport comp II 20psi boost, & 100 psi oil pressure gauges in A pillar pod
Removed rear spoiler & about 12lbs of sound deadening material from rear hatch area

See some of my pictures here:
'96 Ford Pdobe 4 cyl 2.0 atx
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