74 Triumph TR6

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74 Triumph TR6

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Well after a few different iterations I finally have the 6 up and running. I am currently running MS2v3 with EDIS 6 ignition
Goodparts GP2 cam, 9:1CR and .020 overbore with 6 #19 Bosch injectors custom intake manifold with a single 63mm TB.

My first attempt at it was to use the existing manifold with 2 custom made throttle bodies and #49 injectors. The system
worked OK but I had issues with sticking throttle plates and could never get a decent fuel map. My next version kept the
throttle bodies with the plates removed and plugged and a single 63mm throttle body. This worked better than version 1
but I still had fueling issues. After a few months of trying to tune the system I finally realized that the problem was in the
original intake manifold. Looking at the plugs I noticed that cylinders 2 and 5 were running very rich while the other 4 were
lean, I was experiencing 'charge robbing' caused by the shorter runner length of those 2 cylinders. On to version 3 which
was to design and build a new manifold using 6 injectors and equal length runners with the same throttle body as version2.

This is the system I am currently using and although it's only been 2 weeks since I installed it the difference has been
remarkable. The system tuned in after 2 or 3 runs and the car runs better than ever with no flat spots and is very
responsive to the throttle.

I couldn't be happier with the results.
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